Saturday, May 20, 2017

Poor state of city goats


During my evening walk in neighbourhood last weekend, I come across some goats grazing around the garbage bins, few houses away from the pretty one you saw in my previous post. This is not the first time seeing them feeding on the waste matters thrown out as useless, this is a regular sight at this neighbourhood area, with a road lead to the corporation  school and a temple and another goes around a posh area. But this scene hasn’t changed for long.


I know these are goats reared by some people of the resident area on the road ahead and the goats were left always on the road and some time they come to our street in search of food and I have seen them standing on their rear legs munching on the leaves and branched hanging outside the compounds. I really feel bad for their state of living and I have no idea about their rearing in a city.  If they can’t feed them properly its better give up and they live well somewhere.


They not only feed on garbage but also wander on streets put risk on riders as well the goats. Goats need space or at least a shed to live together and taken care by the owner, but they well survive in villages than cities. (All were captured in mobile)

PicMonkey Collage
He posed to me but as i move closer he keeps away

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

A pretty house in neighbourhood


Like I said in my previous post, I went for a long walking at the neighbourhood on Sunday evening and clicked some photos on the way.  And the house in the images wasn’t far from our home and I have passed this house much time but it haven't captured my attention alike now.

A beautiful house in neighborhood

The house looked pretty new, perhaps it was freshly coated, but actually it was the blooming tree in front of the house wants me to capture. I liked the architecture of the house with open balcony and rails around, and a hanging rail making way for vines to climb over. The most attentive was of course the red brick wall and a wooden gate painted in grey.

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Saturday, May 13, 2017


Watched this excellent action adventure movie in Malayalam that includes Tigers! The title itself inspired me to watch the movie that was released in mid-2016 and being an ardent of forest, nature and mountains I couldn’t miss the movie that shot at the lap of forest. Mohanlal is portrayed as Puli Murugan (Tiger Murugan) and he acted as a trained hunter killing the man eating tigers that invade his village. But the movie isn’t all about Tigers; he also fought against dangerous humans who forced him to move out of forest.

Murugan lives in a small village, inside the forest called Puliyoor and he lost his mother in childhood after his brother was born and later his father in a tiger attack took him for vengeance, where he traps the tiger with the help of his uncle and kill it. The Murugan grows into Puli Murugan, now a lorry driver, married and has a daughter, but he hunt rogue tigers whenever they invade the village.

Meanwhile he was forced to escape the forest/village for killing a tiger, and getting a job for his brother he smuggles Ganja (marijuana) in his lorry which directed him toward another face of trouble. How the hunter weed out all this using his Vel (a kind of spear, his main weapons) remains the subject.

Mohanlal is an apt fit to the subject and the character, and his physique and face structure led him valiant looking against the predators. But the movie doesn’t exhibit great violence yet knives pierce tigers, its watchable quite as family.  The most impressive thing about the move was its action and stunt sequences.  I think I don’t need to say more about it, because it was such skilful to won the first ever National Award for Stunt Choreography.

Peter Hein has executed the stunt choreography and Mohanlal himself preferred to do all the stunt scenes rather using stunt doubles, which is normally used in films where the heroes stand aside and dupes do the stunts. Mohanlal’s involvement really amazed me and having a considerable size structure he performed so well. The little boy, who done Mohanlal’s childhood role, too capture the attention esp. facing the Tiger without fear.

The tigers involved in the movie were real ones and the scenes fighting with tiger were all shot at Thailand using the tigers from a Buddhist temple there, since filming with wild animals is prohibited in India.  Though the tigers were trained ones, the shooting seemed to conduct according to their moods! So was the team hard worked for the success of the movie. An additional fact about the movie was it was the currently highest-grossing Malayalam film ever done and the film is expected to release in Tamil soon, along with a 3D version.

Pulimurugan has some lovely songs to soothe listening and excellent BGM! Kamalini Mukerjee’s performance as Mohanlal’s wife was fair and Lal bring out the best character and Telugu actor Jagapati Babu, Bala and Vinu Mohan (Puli murugan’s bro) were all done their job neat. And not to forget the cinematography, the capture of natural resource of God owns country was fabulous and the lorry chasing and action scenes were stunning.

Puli murugan – fair and interesting to watch

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Fence and flowers

Fence and flowers

Here’s another beautiful fence and flowers shot from the same evening walk (in wheelchair) at the neighbourhood and this was taken at Besant 4th avenue road unlike its sibling Blue Cross road (both are popular for local photo-shoot) here. After my Nilgiris trip last month, I haven’t stretched my walking beyond our streets but I’m thinking of catch up this weekend… let see what I get to shoot.

In the above picture, you could see the yellow bell flowers bloomed inside the fence that protects the roadside garden along the 4th avenue and the pink flowers above the compound are bougainvillea. The following one has red-orange flowers, which I have no idea was shot few meter away along the fence. 

Fence and flowers

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Saturday, May 06, 2017

Looking for shadow

Normally the national highways don’t have much shadow but the road from Ullundurpet to Salem is worst among them, and we fed up looking for a shadow to take a coffee break while going to Nilgiris last month. The entire stretch look deserted and being an extremely hot day we were almost baked! lol


Though after a while on road, we found a small temple adjoining a banyan tree provided some shadow off the road. Like a thirsty throat got some water, the shadow showed us some relief as we took a turn toward the same. The scene was really giving me a nostalgic feel with cows and bull tied around the tree, the munching of grasses and the smell of cow dung brought back to childhood days. The smell of cows munching grasses could be perceived amazingly through my conscious, as I have been through this lot in my growing day by visiting grandparent’s house with a cowshed beside.

IMG_5058 IMG_5057 IMG_5054

Like human, the cattle’s too in need of shadow and the two oxen tied to the banyan tree doesn’t turned until we moved out of the place. So was they busy munching grasses except the one (check last  pic) giving me a side and rear view. lol


The temple seems to be under construct, has a little lily pond adjacent to the temple (with lily buds sticking out of water) and the cows were taken there to drink water. There was a farmer driving the cows around the temple and perhaps it was his land behind the temple and the bulls were belonged to him.  After 15-20 minutes we hit the road again before halt for lunch, again looking for a shadow. 

Oxen beauty 
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