Monday, December 18, 2017

Back to Home

On a nature walk

Things belong to somewhere
nativity could be anything
or normed, the life could be
needed to come to rest.

Name it anything abode
it take time to breathe in out;
life need retreat for a minute
to restore its energy to glow.

Retire of sun, unplugs
what gleams all the day;
life race back to abode
before lose track in darkness.

Screeching of birds indicate
the time to go back home;
as they ready to take laps
on the canopy of trees.

Sun too exhaust at the day end
withdrawing its rays; says bye
as slowly the shadow swallow
life draw back to home.

Ps. Inspired from the evening walk on Sunday around the picturesque BlueCross road, where the picture was shot, in neighbourhood - Adyar. 

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Bits on travel to Udumalpet

Though winter is here and the weather turns chill in the morning and foggy experienced at the outskirts of Chennai, my journey to Munnar began on the early hours of November 26 wasn’t much different due to the low pressure in bay, I experienced a feel on mountains. The travel between Thiruporur - Chengalpattu, in the outskirts of Chennai south, was blissful than ever while passing the countryside beside the hill and forest terrain. The picture below will give idea how the travel was and the glasses were scrolled down until touched the national highways.


But the entire journey wasn’t on NH, and we took a detour at Perambalur instead going down to Trichy to reach Musiri, a town on the north bank of Cauvery. Crossing the river, we hit the NH again before took turn to Dharapuram to go to stay at Udumalpet where we booked rooms at govt. guest house. On the road to Thuraiyur, from Perambalur I come across a beautiful temple tower which I had no idea until I browsed using the location marked at the iPhone image detail. I shot many photos using my iPhone SE, like ever with a mobile, and it was quick and easy than a P&S.


The temple was at a village called Kurumbalur, and the temple named as Panchanadeeswarar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and the temple was built in 10th century by King Veeratarajan. First time traveling on this road the weather was helping hand, aside the cool countryside and trees guarding roadsides. Again on NH, we encountered two big blades of windmill (pic below) transported in trucks.  Around Dharapuram and Udumalpet one could find number of windmills and this region is open to many windmill farms since it falls under the straight line of Palakkad gap, through which it receives Arabian Sea breeze.

IMG_1344 IMG_1345
Across Dharapuram, the state highway was really good and beautiful with all the curves and row of trees was inspiring to shoot. The drizzling weather was like ice on the cake and we couldn’t stop have tea from the roadside tea shop even before it turned 4pm. Being a Sunday Udumalpet was bare enough with almost shops closed, and the guest house on the Munnar road was easy to move out rather going into the town. They allotted two rooms for us, but the five of us decided to stay at the AC room, though we didn’t used the AC since the weather was cool enough. 

BeFunky Collage
Collage on the scenic  state highway around  Dharapuram, towards Udumalpet

Friday, December 08, 2017

Munnar, Travel in Brief

The entire travel (from Nov 26 to Dec 2) has been really cool and comfort and except couple of sunshine moments, the travel was indeed cloudy, misty and rainy. Thanks to the low pressure and cyclone Ockhi, though it created a great destruction in Kanyakumari/Kerala and blocking certain views during my travel, the sun got total holiday from the sky. The weather was very pleasant when we started our journey from home early in morning and was drizzling though hazy just out of the city. We took OMR to reach the highway and being Sunday roads are bare enough and we felt quick transit entirely and reached our destination (Udumalpet) earlier by 4 pm and settled in the room in about an hour.

Man driving cows in drizzling rain near Udumalpet
Following dinner, we also took our breakfast from Hotel Ariya Bhavan (which was really tasteful) on Munnar-Udumalpet Rd before move into the mountains of Munnar, via Anamalai Tiger Reserve and Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. Munnar is about 85km from Udumalpet, though it was slightly drizzling all the way to the town, we passed through heavy mist that blocked the sights of certain places including the chance of closely watching the Anamudi, the highest peak after Himalayas in India. But it wasn’t disappointed me anyway since the mist and rain has put us in sheer delight of watching number of waterfalls from the fresh mountain streams. We reached Munnar by noon, and after buying lunch we moved to the cottage (Tea Drops plantation) we have already booked.

Driving through the mist and rain in Munnar

It was really a wonderful place (nestled 7 km away from Munnar) to stay rest and relax among the coffee and cardamom plantations, and its owner Lijo is a friendly person and helps in any other ways. Except the three steps to get into the cottage, it wasn’t difficult to stay around, though it was an old house renovated into a cottage the owner has made things simply neat and hygiene. But the only thing bothered us was the way leading to the cottage. It was about 200 meters down from the main road with a narrow steep road, which at glance felt impossible to climb down or up, but we made it using our SUV which is quite difficult for any other cars.  They provide Jeep support for those come by car to be parked at their Pvt. Parking, but we took risk as I wouldn’t be comfy at their Jeep.

Night effect in Tea Drops plantation cottage

Staying there we visited various places and sightseeing from the two day and three nights. We missed many views as most viewpoints are covered in mist by the time we check, which is perhaps because of the storm but glad there wasn’t heavy rain alike we travelled to Ramakkalmedu, before climbing down the hills. The highway was like a gushing river and the muddy waters were running down the road/hillside and once rain over, mist over take. We couldn’t see anything at the Ramakkalmedu, popular for high blowing wind and viewpoint and shooting spot. The grass mound here has a huge statue of Kuravan Kurathy, a tribal couple, to mark the Sangam landscape and period.

A pleasant view on mountains and tea slopes of Munnar,  and there's a falls beneath, which u could  see in further post

Actually we planned to stay at Cumbum or Theni before taking the long back journey to home, but took a day rest at my uncle’s woodhouse in the mountains of Kodaikanal. We climbed down via Cumbum valley and took the scenic highway, which is my favourite route that travels along the Western Ghats and reached Kodai Ghats section by evening. I thoroughly enjoyed the travel between Cumbum and Kodai and the mountains covered in clouds and lush green fields, along drizzling weather was awesome feel. I also took a short detour to stop at my favourite spot (which u saw in my previous post) to take some shots, but I was disappointed a bit to see two big banners blocking the view.

Breathtaking view on the beauty of Theni, and mountains covered in clouds

We reached the woodhouse by late evening, but it was a real challenge than the entire trip because the road to woodhouse (in Thandikudi) from the Kodaikanal main road was quite lost in mist. The visibility was very very low and we couldn’t see anything beyond two or three feet and the road was a single lane, though there wasn’t a vehicle opposite finding the road and bends were challenging. I open the Google map and using the GPS I kept telling my cousin the curves ahead and  it was really tremble passing the deep valleys. Our entire stay at the woodhouse was under mist, cold and heavy rain. Even Munnar wasn’t cold enough, but this is first time I experience heavy mist and cold in Thandikudi, where it is rainy season. And we returned home on Saturday  (Dec 2) evening.

Friday, November 24, 2017

On a dream travel

Been sometime took a long journey and explore places for the first and Munnar is one of my dream destination I have planned to visit next week and I’m so excited to take the travel through Anamalai Tiger Reserve and Chinnar Wildlife sanctuary instead the national highways. I have prepared my own route map that travel through the interiors (small cities and towns) that get me glimpses of many places which I miss a lot traveling on National Highways. I have been trying to achieve this trip for last few years, only this year things came closer. Actually I want to be there last month, as soon the southwest monsoon end but for some reasons it was postponed and I really don’t want to delay future so thus leaving off on Sunday.

Scenic View

During my stay at the woodhouse in Kodaikanal in July, I went up to the foothills of Munnar while took a drive to Kurangani aka Bottom Station in the Bodi valley. It was a former tram station where goods are transported from the mountains via Top Station in Munnar before loaded into Lorries. It’s time for explore the above - Munnar and I will leave you with a view on the mountains of Munnar, I shot long back on my way to cloud mountain. This is one of my favourite locations on the road to Cumbum valley near Veerapandi, but this spot hides away since the highway take detour. Hope to take many lovely photos from the travel and you all take care

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Fence and Flowers – Pinto Premium White to Rose


During my visit to Kodaikanal, staying from uncle’s woodhouse in Thandikudi, in July, I come across some fence and pretty flowers around the star shaped Kodaikanal Lake. Spending time on the Kodai lake/road in evenings have been my favourite pastime whenever I was in Kodai, and sipping hot tea/coffee from the roadside shop while embracing the cold mountain weather produce a soothe feeling. There’s something always to watch out being around the lake, either people pedalling boats or riding horses or cycling around the lake and reflection of trees, colourful shops and fences and gates of houses around the lake road. And here’s a fence around a corner of the lake road, with pretty flowers bloomed from inside. My Google search revealed the bunch of pink flowers bloomed inside the fence was Pinto Premium White to Rose Geranium.


Pinto Premium White to Rose offers a unique coloration of giant 5-inch flower heads, with petals start out white turn deepen to rose-pink as flowers mature gives an pretty bicolour effect. The plants sport deep green leaves with darker zones that contrast beautifully with the light colored flowers.


Pinto Premium is a great choice for carefree, colourful summer garden beds or patio containers, bloom from the end of April until October. It prefers full to partial sun and regular deadheading for best appearance and flower production. 

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